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Too Fat For Fashion: Hunting High & Low : Lace Up Oxford Heels
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hunting High & Low : Lace Up Oxford Heels

Lace up high heeled oxfords are my accessory obsession for fall. Perhaps its just my prep school past creeping up but there is something so appealing about a good oxford. They're familiar, cute and they go with everything from jeans to skirts. Add on a high heel and you get a girlish take on a traditionally masculine staple. It seems like every other shoe maker is coming out with their own unique take on this trend. Here are a few options from affordable to extravagant.

UNDER $100 | Maroon Patent Oxfords $89 - Steve Madden | Metallic Silver Oxfords $34 - Delia's | Tartan Oxfords $89 - Steve Madden
$100 - $250 | Black Patent Oxfords $280 - Stuart Weisman | Grey Suede Oxfords - Circa Joan & David | Black & White Spectator Pumps - Betsey Johnson $230
$250 & Up | Two-tone Oxfords $450 - Marc by Marc Jacobs | Black & Gold Patent Oxfords $695 - Christian Louboutin | Spectator Pumps $575 - Bally

I love those little silver booties from Delia's they're so cute and cheap. Granted, silver shoes aren't the most practical fashion item but at that price practicality just goes out the window. For a bigger splurge I've been wanting those Bally's so badly. They keep popping up in editorials and catching my eye - they remind me so much of spats. I may just have to treat myself...

Anyone else digging this trend? I think these will look so great paired with jeans - can't wait to start wearing them.


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