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Too Fat For Fashion: Crystal Renn for Anna Scholz S/S 07
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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Crystal Renn for Anna Scholz S/S 07

Our girl Crystal Renn is featured in another campaign, this time for plus sized fashion label Anna Scholz's Spring/Summer 07 collection.I think she's looking great as per usual albeit a shade thinner. Can anyone ID the other model? She reminds me of a curvier Uma Thurman.

While browsing through the Anna Scholz line I found a few pieces I really liked. Its rare to see clothing designed specifically with plus sizes in mind that doesn't fall into one the two dreaded categories; dowdy or passé. For some reason designers seem to think that anyone larger than Kate Bosworth wants to wear sweatpants or worse yet velour. This line seems understand that plus size women want clothing thats just as modern and chic as what is offered to their peers. Possibly because the designer Anna Scholz is a plus sized woman herself. As innovative and influential men are in fashion nothing compares to the thoughtfulness and practicality of a female designer, across the board I think female designers create some of the most wearable clothing around simply due to the fact that they actually have to wear women's clothing. John Galliano notwithstanding most men will never really understand the unique annoyance of a dress thats hits in the wrong places or a top that squeezes the midsection. Women just have that added life experience that goes into their designs. And while not everything is my personal style its still refreshing to see that there are a few more stylish options available stateside while we wait for Elena Miro to cross the pond.

I'm particularly partial to these draped tops from the S/S collection. They look like just the sort of thing I'd pair with a blazer for work or throw on with some jeans. Very versatile and cute.

Check out the full S/S offerings at Anna


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