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Too Fat For Fashion: The Future Is Now
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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Future Is Now

Fashion is by its very nature obsessed with the future. Everything is about the newest, the freshest, the latest so its no surprise that designers have begun to express this obsession literally. In the last few seasons we've seen an explosion of futuristic looks: from android chic at Balenciaga, Blade Runners at Calvin Klein and even the awe inspiring mechanical dresses at Hussein Chalayan. Chain stores like H&M are getting into the look with an ever increasing selection of metallic and mirrored pieces but how does one take this sci-fi inspired look and bring into reality? Moreover how can anyone wear that much shiny/glossy/patent and still flatter their figure?

It Came From Outer Space! Looks from : Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, Hussein Chalayan, Balenciaga

Futurism Keys
- Nuetral colors: Think black, white, gold and silver this is an almost mod color scheme.

- Shine: Either in the form of patent leather, glossy plastics or sparkling metals. This look is all about the robo-gleam.

- Hard vs. Soft: A soft contrast like a knit sweater or a satin blouse keeps things from looking too harsh.

- Bold accessories: Experiment with unique shapes and wild innovations. This is your chance to go crazy with some of the seasons sleek Metropolis inspired add ons.

Futurism Hints

- Just say no to head to toe. Wearing this look from tip to top can be far too costumey. Better to pick out elements of this trend than to look like you're headed for a masked ball.

- Silver is your friend. There is no more useful color for this than silver. You can take an ordinary ensemble add on a glam silver element and its automatically just a little bit more modern and forget all your rules about mixing silver with gold. They look absolutely modern together.

- Experiment with shape. The boundaries have almost all been broken were seeing loads of cocoon and cape like shapes, why not try them out! Keep the rules of proportion in mind, if you're doing large on top, try small on the bottom and vice versa. Keep things in balance as you experiment.

- Get graphic. If you want to incorporate prints into this look its best to use classic bold black and white abstract prints. Anything too busy will overwhelm.

- Embrace your body: Its easy to look at pictures of the girls on the runway and say "this will never work for me" but where there is a will there is a way. Instead of doing head to toe long and lean replace the structured jackets with a softer more curve flattering piece. Ditch the runway approved PVC leggings for a pair of great slacks or dark denim. Its all about adapting the trend to you.


Trench Jacket - Old Navy, Silk Blouse - Fendi, Sandals - Pierre Hardy, Bracelet - Lanvin, Metallic python bag - Gucci, Sunglasses Oliver Peoples

This is a modern look with hints of futurism that I think everyone can wear. You're probably not going to be accused of imitating an android if you wear this but you'll look stylish and ultimately thats more important. First off we have a great short trench jacket, I love these as they move perfectly from winter into spring with little or no effort and go with just about anything. Up next we have an elegant white blouse, pair this with classic accessories and it can be classic, pair it with trendy accessories and it can be trendy. This is your do everything blouse fail safe blouse.

Now the fun part. I've accessorized this look with the funkiest pieces I could find: a great pair of white shades, a chunky graphic bracelet, an insane python bag and a sandals straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Together they form a look that is versitile and very of the minute. You can wear this with anything from jeans to those C3PO Balenciaga leggings.


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