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Too Fat For Fashion: Shop Girls: Miss J Takes Manhattan!
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Monday, April 16, 2007

Shop Girls: Miss J Takes Manhattan!

In the spirit of Ashley Graham's fabulous shopping hit list TFFF's team is bringing you their favorite hometown shops and the reasons why they're worth going to. The goal of this project is to think outside the box when it comes to shopping, the usual suspects are great but there are some hidden gems out there or stores one never considers for whatever reason. Hopefully some of these stores are new to you and even if you're a seasoned shopper who knows them all hopefully this inspires you on some level.

If you have any questions about any of these stores, please feel free to ask me :D


Barney's Co-Op
236 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011
The younger, hipper counterpart of the New York luxury staple, Barney's Co-op only stocks the freshest designs from the trendiest of the minute labels. Since the clientele schews younger, the prices tend to be lower than typical Barney's fare but bargain store this isn't. Luxury is still the bottom line even when its hidden beneath layers of downtown grunge. If you're looking for the latest in Marc by Marc Jacobs, Philip Lim & Daryl K this is the place to be. The Chelsea boutique is the biggest and best of the Co-Op chain and boasts a killer accessories section complete with to die for shoes from the latest labels.

Tel: 212.593.7800
Sizing: Varies by label but XS - XL is typical
Web: Barneys
Price: $$$$$

Opening Ceremony
35 Howard St
New York, NY 10013

If you're a local fashionista with dreams of being a global shopper then Opening Ceremony is the store for you. Hidden on Howard street in between Canal street's endless stream of vendors and Broadway's tourist district is this little gem that stocks designers from a different country each year. Its sort of a fashion exchange program and the results are incredible. If you're looking for basics this might not be the store for you as the pickings then to be more avant garde than most but if you want to wear that trends before they even become trends this is the store for you. And as an added bonus Opening Ceremony is the only store in NYC that carries select pieces from UK haven, Topshop.

Tel: (212) 219-2688
Sizing: Varies by label but XS - XL is typical
Web: Opening
Price: $$$$

Flying A
169 Spring St.
New York, NY 10012

Old meets new at Flying A and the selection is nothing sort of amazing. From incredibly hip worn in shoes and boots to immaculate fresh off the catwalk dresses, its a unique shopping experience centered around the idea of mixing vintage into your wardrobe. As someone who is an decent vintage shopper at best its nice to step into a store that has already narrowed down their selection perfectly. You seriously can't go wrong and if for some chance you do there is a friendly and knowledgable staff there to help.

Tel: 212-965-9090
Sizing: Varies by label but XS - XL is typical
Web: Flying
Price: $$$

Century 21
22 Cortlandt Street
New York, NY 10007

The downtown legend! An entire city block full of discount designer gear for everyone in the entire family. Excellent for anyone who wants a bargain and is willing to hunt for it. If you're planning on making the trip down to Century 21 be sure to give yourself an hour or two just to sort through everything as there are literally miles and miles of clothes/shoes/accessories to see. Stock changes regularly and the store is always packed so if you see something you want be sure to grab it then an there as it may not be around tomorrow.

Tel: 212.227-9092
Sizing: Varies by label but XS - XL is typical | There is also a plus department on the 3rd floor
Web: Century
Price: $$

640 5th Ave
New York, NY 10019

Just about every city has an H&M by now and New York alone has at least a dozen but the 5th Avenue branch of the discount shopping mega-chain is something special and not just because of its sheer size. It is the only place on the east coast where you can get H&M's full designer capsule collections (the other stores will only stock a selection) on the day they're released and it boasts the greatest selection (and most larger sizes) of any H&M period.

Tel: 212.489.0390
Sizing: 2-16 | XS - XL
Web: H&
Price: $

241 Lafayette St.
New York, NY 10012

Matta is one of those tiny boutiques that you might miss if you blink but its chock full of things you absolutely want. From a great selection of one of a kind flats and sandals to their renowned printed sarongs and tunics made from the softest silks and cottons. Even the shopping bags are made from twee patterned fabric! I have to admit I keep them all and use them as tote bags sometimes. Matta is also a great source for unique accessories, especially the bold printed works of Orla Kiely.

Tel: 212.343.9399
Sizing: XS - XL
Price: $

68 Thompson St.
New York, NY 10012

Perfume is one of my favorite things to shop for in general. There is something so personal about finding that perfect scent, be it a signature that defines you or just something new to match your mood. If you're tired of the tried and true fruity florals Sephora stocks and want something a little different L'Artisan is perfect. Every kind of beautiful smell you can imagine can be found in this hole in the wall boutique and best of all the scents are original and unusual. I'm personally a fan of the spicy pineapple tinged Ananas Fizz and the berry infused Mure et Musc.

Tel: 212.334.1500
Sizing: N/A
Web: L'
Price: $$$

387 Bleecker Street
New York, NY, 10014

For all the purses proclaimed as it bags, very few actually measure up. Either they're too dull, too done or too omnipresent to really be useful for more than a season. Mulberry's low key bohemian bags are just detailed enough to catch the eye but maintain an understated charm that prevents them from ever going out of style. The Soho Mulberry store is the best source for Mulberry on this side of the atlantic and while most of the offerings boast a hefty price-tag these are the kind of bags you'll have forever and they only get better with age. I'm still in love my deconstructed Phoebe, that bag takes a licking and...well you know the rest.

Sizing: N/A
Web: Mulberry
Price: $$$$$

375 West Broadway
New york, NY 10012

Anthropologie has something of a bad reputation. At its worst it can fall into the realm of faux nostalgic psuedo vintage but at its best its a den of unique accessible pieces that just plain look good. I enjoy the overall aesthetic of Anthropologie, there is a certain kitschy retro girlishness to all the clothes, from the 1950-esque cocktail dresses to the mod blouse prints its an appealing pastiche of trends all under one roof. Although there are several Anthropologie's in Manhattan I'm most at home in the Soho locale. Stock changes frequently and there is always something good to be found be it amidst the clothes or in the housewares department. Add to this that I have the most luck finding larger sizes in the Soho outpost as opposed to its Rockafeller center cousin.

Tel: 212.343.7070
Sizing: Varies by label but XS - XL is typical or 0 -16
Web: Anthropologie
Price: $$$

(212) 334-4193
546 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

Uniqlo is what the Gap would be if the Gap were you know, cool and useful. They stock an endless supply of multi colored basics perfect for mixing, matching and layering in infinite combinations. Prices are affordable and while you can find that perfect white t shirt there are also a myriad of hipper alternatives. Clothing aside the Soho store is gorgeous, bright and open with trendy music blaring making for a very cool shopping experience.

Tel: (212) 334-4193
Sizing: XS - XL
Price: $$


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