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Too Fat For Fashion: Spring Fling: Beauty Essentials
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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spring Fling: Beauty Essentials

April is the cruelest month.

And not just because T. S. Eliot says so. April is the month wherein we pack up all our cable knits, stow away our jackets and wave goodbye to the trusty boots we traipsed around in all winter. As someone who is pollen allergic and floral print-phobic this is not my favorite time of year to say the least but since I'm determined to turn life's lemons into lemon sorbet I'm going to view spring as time to refresh and renew. Namely time to refresh the contents of my beauty stash in preperation for the months ahead.

For me Spring makeup is all about the natural look. Natural, not boring. I am not an advocate of taupe lipstick and dull colors but I think the best spring looks are paired down and soft; flushed cheeks, glossy lips and the slightest hints of shimmer. Less about whats trendy and more about bringing out the beauty within the wearer. As such here are a host of products guaranteed to keep you looking great even if your allergies kick in.

  1. EYESHADOW | Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Eye Palatte
    As the weather gets warmer I like to switch to soft sheer shades that shimmer and sparkle. As glam as black liquid liner looks it tends to seem overdone with springs plethora of pastels and prints. A multicolored palatte like the one from Bobbi Brown is a great way to get several coordinating shades in one neat package. The golden nuetrals can flatter every skintone and the sea-toned blues are great for when you want a more dramatic look.

  2. LINER | Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier Pencil
    If you just can't let go of the smoky look but want something a little more subdued Sue Devitt Eye Intensifiers are perfect. They're quick, foolproof and they last forever. Use the lighter shimmery shades for daytime and the darker colors for evening. They make a great eyeshadow base too if your feeling experimental. My personal favorite shade is the zesty green, Bangalore.

  3. LIPGLOSS | L'Oreal Color Juice
    A girly cosmetic staple perfect for all seasons but spring is damn good excuse to stock up on new shades and at under $10 a pop L'Oreal Color Juice glosses wont break your budget while you test new colors. Added bonus, the sheer texture of these glosses makes them perfect for layering over lipliner or lipstick for when you want more color oomph.

  4. BODY SCRUB | Fresh Sugar Blossom Body Treatment
    I suffer from the dreaded winter legs. After months of wearing nothing but pants and jeans I am left with gams in desperate need of sunlight and exfoliation. The body scrub from Fresh gets me ready for the former by helping me out with the latter. Plus like everything from Fresh it smells delicious. I'd say that it makes exfoliation fun but there's really nothing to amusing about buffing off dead skin.

  5. BRONZER | Benefit Hoola
  6. As much as I dislike the fake-bake there is something to be said for a subtle hint of bronzer. The shade should be no more than 3 shades darker than your actual skintone if you'd like to avoid the "I just fell asleep in a tanning bed" look. Benefit Hoola looks natural and wont conjur any images of George Hamilton.

  7. ULTRA RICH LOTION | Cleo Cherry Body Cream
  8. Another winter leg remedy. Since you'll invariably be showing off more skin as it heats up now is a good time to get your skin soft and luscious. A thick rich moisturizer will always do the trick and Cleo's Cherry Body Creme is just that. It'll leave you smooth and touchable, ready for all those flirty spring dresses.

  9. CREAM BLUSH | Delux Beauty Flush Stick
  10. When I think of spring makeup, rosy cheeks come to mind automatically. Nothing is prettier than a nice natural blush and Delux Flush Sticks recreate that look perfectly. Its not "I just put on a pound of blusher" its "I just pinched my cheeks" a much better look overall in my opinion. Bonus, unlike other cream/gel blushes Delux flush sticks aren't sticky or tacky in texture.

  11. MASCARA | Fresh Supernova Mascara
  12. Just because were going understated doesn't mean we have to skimp on the drama! A great mascara is an absolute must. There isn't a single makeup look that doesn't look a little nicer with thick glossy lashes and Fresh Supernova delivers them every time.

  13. THE SCENT | Les Parfums De Rosine Diabolo Rose
    If spring = florals then finding a perfume should be a simple no brainer but nothing could be further from the truth. With all the choices ranging from designer brews to celebrity concoctions (why does Paris Hilton have a perfume someone explain this to me) finding the right fragrance can be a vertiable needle in a haystack search. Especially if you're picky like me and have tried just about every one of the usual fruity florals out there only to be disappointed. Its time for something different, Les Parfumes De Rosine makes a variety of delectable scents and their latest Diabolo Rose is my pick for spring scent. The mix of peppermint, lily of the valley, bergamot, amber, peony and rose absolut is astounding and completely left of center.

I do believe a shopping trip is in order. If only to make me feel better about putting all my cardigans back into storage.


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